Alessandro Di Massimo gradueted in Set Design and Visual Art from Accademia di Belle Arti in Rome. His work has been shown in Italy, Scotland, Poland, Spain and in other European countries. Recent achievements include solo show Acies at The Number Shop (Edinburgh), Whole World Working at Collective Gallery (Edinburgh), Beyond the Time AIR, Galeria Bielska BWA (Bielsko-Biała) and the solo show I’ll Be Your Mirror at Interviewroom11 Gallery (Edinburgh). Currently He lives and works in Edinburgh and he is a resident at The Number Shop studios.

How red those petals are! They are like stains of blood… on the tablecloth.
It is not wise to find symbols in everything you see. It makes life too full of fears.
It was better to say that: stains of blood… are as lovely as… rose-petals.
Carmelo Bene – Salomè, 1972

My practice focuses on the re-contextualization of common images (as well as objects, symbols and iconographies) in oder to investigate the unknown communicative and narrative possibilities in within them. In doing so I intend to challenge the fixed meanings, functions and utilities that society and history assigned to images and objects we are all “familiar” with.

Currently, I am reflecting on the relation between contemporary art practice and cartography by producing works that challenge the idea of maps and mapping practices. This operation is meant to respond and to engage with the current world order and with the contemporary geopolitical situation.

I work using a broad set of media such as installation, animation, optical illusion and drawing. My projects are often inspired by songs, movies, and historical events.



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