How red those petals are! They are like stains of blood… on the tablecloth.
It is not wise to find symbols in everything you see. It makes life too full of fears.
It was better to say that: stains of blood… are as lovely as… rose-petals.
Carmelo Bene – Salomè, 1972

Alessandro graduates in Set Design from the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome and for several years alternates periods of work between Rome and other European cities. In 2013, he settles in Edinburgh and remains there until 2020, the year in which he moves to Teramo, where he works as a teacher. In 2020, he founds the curatorial project Celeste, initiating the exhibition programme LAVAPIU, a showcase of contemporary art hosted in a launderette.

His research focuses on the deconstruction of iconography and collective imagery, using it as a form of criticism and analysis. Structuring his work on familiar elements such as popular songs, flags, maps, and historical material, Alessandro aims to question the architecture of social constructs, symbolism, and iconography, reconfiguring them into tools for interpreting contemporary society.

Currently he directs the curatorial project Celeste where he curated several exhibitions. His work has been exhibited in Italy, United Kingdom, Poland, Spain and in other European countries. Recent shows include: Francesco Fabbri Contemporary Art Prize, Cramum Art Prize, Villa Bagatti Valsedo, Milan; The Rise and Fall of Your Chosen Empire, Ltd Ink Corporation, Edinburgh (solo); Acies at The Number Shop, Edinburgh (solo); Refraction at 24hourswindow, Glasgow International; Whole World Working (W.W.W.) at Collective Gallery, Edinburgh.