How red those petals are! They are like stains of blood… on the tablecloth.
It is not wise to find symbols in everything you see. It makes life too full of fears.
It was better to say that: stains of blood… are as lovely as… rose-petals.
Carmelo Bene – Salomè, 1972

Di Massimo’s practice involves a broad set of media such as interactive installation, animation, optical illusion and drawing. His projects are often inspired by popular songs, movies, and historical events. He is based in Edinburgh and he is a studio member at Rhubaba.

His work seeks to reconsider iconographic and common images, investigating the unknown communicative and narrative possibilities within them. By doing this, Di Massimo aims to critically engage with the meanings, functions and utilities that society and history assigned to familiar images and objects, because he believes that the unexpected coexists with the everyday.

Since 2014, he developed a thematic-based research about the use of mapping and cartography in contemporary art practice. In doing so, he intends to respond to the influx of globalisation, and to comment on the general public’s relation with geography, understood in its philosophical and political aspects.