How red those petals are! They are like stains of blood… on the tablecloth.
It is not wise to find symbols in everything you see. It makes life too full of fears.
It was better to say that: stains of blood… are as lovely as… rose-petals.
Carmelo Bene – Salomè, 1972

Di Massimo is interested in popular songs, underground culture, films and history. He uses this background to reconsider the meaning of iconographic and common images, by investigating the unknown communicative and narrative possibilities within them.

The power of images in today’s society is one of his main interests. They permeate in various aspects of our life, but because their familiarity, the contents inhabiting them are often under looked. Nonetheless, they are often understood as symbols or iconographies and play a crucial role in shaping of today’s society. Di Massimo likes to define his work as an “intruder” in this process.

Images are ever-evolving and open to constant reconsideration, Di Massimo locates on this point the action of his works. Is there something else that these images, turned into a simulacrum of what they use to be, can tell? Is there anything else that can be told about these images?

Alessandro Di Massimo studied Set Design and Visual Art at Accademia di Belle Arti in Rome. His practice involves a broad set of media such as installations, drawing, wall painting, sculpture and video. His works has been exhibited in Italy, United Kingdom, Poland, Spain and in other European countries. Recent shows include Acies at The Number Shop (Edinburgh), Whole World Working (W.W.W.) at Collective Gallery (Edinburgh), Beyond the Time AIR (PL) and I’ll Be Your Mirror at Interviewroom11 Gallery (Edinburgh). He is currently based in Edinburgh and he is a studio member at Rhubaba.