MANIFESTO OF WESTERN HAPPINESS (Magenta Edition) Obtained by processing 342 words submitted by 139 people from 24 different countries, collected through a through an open call between 1st February and 14th July , 2014; Digital print, one channel audio piece, publication; Detail, 2014.


Installation view at Interviewroom11 gallery, 2014. Photo © Laura Falcone.


Reading performance at Interviewroom11 gallery, August 2014. Photo © Lucho CB.


Audience answering the Manifesto of Western Happiness questionnaire at Supermarket Art Fair, Interviewroom11 stand, April 2015 – still from video ©IR11/Ellyce Moselle


Manifesto of Western Happiness – Cyan Edition, Web based artwork obtained by processing 225 words, collected from 52 people between 16th and 19th April 2015 in occasion of the Supermarket Art Fair, Interviewroom11 stand, Alessandro Di Massimo © 2015 (created with